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Frequently Asked Questions's

nQuestion: Why are your prices relatively inexpensive ?

nAnswer: Because I (the owner) have a part time week day job with a electronics installation company, that means we can keep our prices very Ucompetitive, and still providing just as high quality service as the much more expensive companies.

nQuestion: How much experience do we have?

nAnswer: We have been doing all types of entertainment for over 25 years!

nQuestion: How many weddings have we done?

nAnswer: We have done over 800 weddings in the 25 years we have been in business, and still counting.

nQuestion: Do you subcontract?

nAnswer: NO! - when you hire Mobile Music Productions you hire us - the owners with over 25 years of experience - not someone that doesn't care nbecause they don't own the company.

nQuestion: What kind of attire do we wear?

nAnswer: We wear formal wear for weddings, and proper attire for other occasions.

nQuestion: Do we keep the (wedding) night organized?

nAnswer: We will contact the Bride & Groom a few weeks before the reception to go over what they plan to have for the night, I.E. Grand March, nFather Daughter dance, etc., then make sure to organize & keep everything on track for the night - no extra charge!

nQuestion: Do you require a deposit?

nAnswer: Yes, we do require a $150.00 deposit which does apply towards your purchase. Your deposit is not refundable, but can be used towards another ndate that we have open.

nQuestion: What kind of music do we have?

nAnswer: We have just about every type of music there is, and are constantly updating it.

UQuestion: What about inappropriate language / gestures?

nAnswer: We also have clean versions of music & we know when it is appropriate to play them. ( like weddings, kid's party's, school dance's etc. )

nQuestion: How much music do we have?

nAnswer: Mobile Music Productions currently has about 40,000 regular, & 35,000 Karaoke songs to choose from, & always growing!

nQuestion: Do we take requests?

nAnswer: Absolutely! we are there to entertain you & your guests.

nQuestion: Do we interact with the crowd?

nAnswer: Yes we constantly interact with the crowd, to make for a fun and exciting night.

nQuestion: What kind of lighting do we have?

nAnswer: Our lights are all LED, and they "read" the music - so they "dance" to the beat of the music, not just blink on and off. We also have up Ulighting!

nQuestion: What if you don't, or can't show up?

nAnswer: We have never missed a job in all the 20+ years of business, but we have a network of other DJ's that we hand picked to help out if we can't nmake an event. We have shown up when there where blizzard warning's out (Bride & Groom didn't), I (owner) broke my ankle on some ice one winter U& still made it to the event, and started on time.

nQuestion: Do you have references?

nAnswer: Because we respect the privacy of our client's, we do not give out their contact information, so we will invite you to attend any upcoming event Uwe have. You may also click on any date in our "Availability" page to see what kind of event we will be doing, and where we will be.

nQuestion: Do you have back up equipment?

nAnswer: Yes, we carry 2 of just about everything, to ensure that we can keep the night going, plus we don't have to call "tech support" if something Uhappens, because of my Knowledge of electronics.

nQuestion: Where is the Mobile Music Productions office located?

nAnswer: Mobile Music Productions is located in the heart of beautiful central Wisconsin!

nQuestion: Do you charge for set up or tare down?

nAnswer: No we do not charge for set up or tare down, we only charge for actual playing time.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to click on the " Contact Us " page, or call: ( 715 ) 570 - 8054

Craig Fischer - Owner

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